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Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

  • 30 minutes
  • 75 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

There are always important lessons your higher self is trying to teach you and tarot and oracle cards offer a language to help you understand the messages intended for you. I offer 15min, 30min or 1hr personalized tarot, oracle reading (or/mix of both) of your choice. I work with the Thoth and the Motherpeace Tarot, along with Oracle cards: Angel, Animal and Goddess. In a reading with me, you are not simply a passive recipient. We will explore your cards together in a safe and nurturing container. Asking questions throughout the reading is encouraged and we will make sure to spend time for all your specific questions to be answered. Together, I will help you read what messages your higher self wants you to know about the past, present and future based on my 22 years of experience and intuition in service to your life’s highest good! 15min – I call this reading, the “Bird’s Eye” reading. Just like a bird can see far and wide while also able to quickly fix or zero in its stare when necessary, this reading is appropriate for answering important questions of a time sensitive nature. 1 or more cards may be pulled to help a recipient who is in a position to make a decision. $40 - Contact me to book a session. 30 min – A "Rose" reading. In this reading we study the main three petals of your life: a card for the past, a card for the present, and a card for the future. We explore these three main cards to the root of who you are as well as the connections to the day to day with additional cards as needed. The recipient chooses what time frame they would like to use for this reading: year, month or life cycle (child, adult, elder). Anything that can be divided by three. This type of reading is optimal for grounding yourself in the present moment as well as for a monthly or yearly check-in. $75.00 1 hour – The “Queen” read. In a one hour reading, we take our time to explore what your higher self is saying through an in depth 13-15 card spread. In this reading, you are the centre of query as we delve into your immediate and potential long-term future. We also take a look at the various psychological and karmic influences in your life, so you know how best to proceed. This reading is good to be done yearly or as well as for a first-time reading experience to ground, begin to heal and examine the lay of land of your subconscious. $105 - Contact me to book a session. - Debit/Credit card/Paypal/E-transfer Payment Accepted.

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please contact me 24 hours in advance. Thank-you!

Contact Details

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