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Elizabeth Guerrero


Mónica truly is a beautiful, nonjudgmental and understanding soul. She has a strong therapeutic presence as she is a compassionate colleague and energy healer. Mónica's sympathetic nature in combination with her strong spiritual knowledge, allows her to ask the appropriate questions in order for her to evaluate and provide the best suitable service. After receiving a crystal healing and tarot session with her, I felt an improvement with my energy level and I felt a lot more hopeful and a lot happier with her guidance.  Thanks so much Mónica for sharing your gift! I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with you!


Judy Lipp
Founder - Flying Squirrel Adventures

I am so blessed to have

Mónica Rosas in my life as a spiritual mentor.  She is a precious gift I received on arriving in Toronto, encouraging my spiritual explorations and expansions while honouring any questions and doubts I had along the way. Inviting me to explore and expand – always with an open heart to share.  She has honoured and held me when that was needed, shared deep from her own experiences and introduced me to ways of tapping in that were foreign to me.   As a Minister she has so much to offer and I am excited for everyone that has the opportunity to work and walk with her.


Cheryl Torrenueva, T.V host

"When my husband and I got engaged, we knew right away that we wanted Mónica to be the officiant at our wedding. Her guidance allowed us to develop a ceremony that was meaningful and unique to who we are as individuals, as well as what we represent as a couple. 

We found the entire process very easy and natural, yet the end result totally exceeded our expectations!

The ceremony was absolutely full of emotion and laughter and our guests continued to send compliments throughout the night. 

Mónica was able to capture the magic between my husband and I, and we cannot thank her enough for setting the tone for the rest of the evening. 

The most amazing thing about Mónica is that she brings warmth, positivity and a personalized touch to everything she does and we are so grateful that she was a part of our special day.

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