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A Star is Born

Together we will walk the path of ancient feminine wisdom in private mentorship bridging the EARTH - through Somatic practices,  with the COSMOS above - through Astrology & Divination, so that you can fully embody your feminine leader within.

IMAGINE ... moving through the world feeling like you are truly being seen, understood and held for the full, complex, magnificent woman/leader that you are.


Life feels deliciously full with new daily opportunities for play, and miracles to unfold at home and out in the world.

Your body and nervous system feels rested and in tune with your own natural cycles and that of the earth's so that you can lead and love with clear insight and calm.

Unlock the deep codes of your DNA - star body - with NOVA and step fully into your feminine wisdom and gifts. Knowing, and trusting that you have the full support of the earth and cosmos, that they want this for you too. 

The NOVA Experience



An artful blend of Mindset/ Mystic, Portal/Program for the conscious woman you are. You are achieving your life dreams and goals AND at the same time desiring a new way to approach life and career, where words like “burn out”, “overwhelm” and “disillusionment” are truly validated as unsustainable. Not only for yourself, but for our cherished planet earth. 


Reconnect with the wise feminine parts of you, (your intuition, holding your boundaries and body as sacred at all times). Parts, that you have had to set aside to lead in conventional/systemic settings and honouring them as a viable and CRITICAL way to lead in the new earth we are creating.


Getting precious time back with family and loved ones, and YOU without prescribed feelings of "compromise" or "unfeasibility", so that you are properly fuelled up for the important work in the world you are called to do. 

Welcome I’m Monica …

I am a channel, mindset mentor, poet, partner and mama.

I see you beauty …

Like you, I am a product of the death of many stars, eons past.

Like you, I am aware that the world needs us right now… actually that WE are the ones who need the world more than ever…

So that we can bring back OUR bodies, OUR Mother Earth’s body into balance …

In order to dance our way into the milky way of the next millenia …

For our descendents, for our precious earth, and for OURSELVES.


My destiny has been to study the sacred in every aspect of life, and to work both joyfully AND with grit to live and share my 25 years of study, travel and experience with other femmes, women. In tandem, I have had the unique opportunity to also be a leader in the Education Sector, mentoring hundreds of youth and adults, bringing equity, compassionate communication, and conflict resolution practices to courses, programs and school teams for the last 20 years. 


Through tarot/oracle, astrology and somatic movement - feminine embodiment  - I support women leaders concerned with our earth’s well-being achieve their life and leadership goals in healthy and sustainable ways. I believe that by connecting to the ‘magic’ found in the everyday we can create IMPACTFUL world change on a social and ecological level. Mother Earth is looking for her feminine leaders to come forward. Those who will stand up for her. Join the new way of leading in the world - one that is equitable, sustainable and ATTAINABLE if we make it so. 



Monica is a truly remarkable guide. Her unique sensitivity creates a transformative experience in every encounter, turning conversations into an intimate space where honesty flourish. Under her guidance, I have awakened my dormant energy, setting off on a profound journey of self-exploration and growth. With her skillful expertise, she has guided me towards embracing healthy boundaries, uncovering the deep well of feminine wisdom that resides within me. I am constantly evolving as a woman, a mother, a friend, and a professional, thanks to her unwavering support. Along this transformative path, Monica has instilled in me the value of constant learning, emphasizing the importance of leisure, self-care, and pure enjoyment. Her contagious positivity uplifts me, renewing my sense of self and fostering profound personal growth that radiates through every dimension of my life.   


ANA CARDENAS - Business Development Associate - Virtual Ware


🪐 Creating healthy boundaries and nourishing relationships. Balancing the feminine and masculine energies within. Healing the mother wound and energetic imprints of patriarchal ancestral trauma. 


🪐Growing stamina and endurance on how to hold hope, faith and belief in miracles in a time of deep transformation/the void. Guiding healthy discipline and practices to hold still so things can inevitably move forward. Opening to full trust and channeling messages from your higher self, the earth and cosmos.


🪐Bring more play and pleasure in daily life in order to allow for the energies of receiving and surrender to bring you all that you need and desire. Exploring your own personal-turn ons and sensual self. Feeling more connected to your body, and her divine needs through the earth’s natural cycles.

Let's Land These Results!

🌸 Being truly seen, understood and held by those you love and serve for the multidimensional, powerful woman/femme leader that you are.


🌸 Plugged into the natural cycles of our divine mama earth, effortlessly reflected in your everyday life so that your daily decisions feel meaningful and aligned with your authentic self and true purpose.


🌸 Open to receiving all the gifts and bounty that are waiting for you in your career, love and life that come with shifting core beliefs and upleveling your mindset.


🌸 Feeling more JOY, EASE, and BALANCE in life, love and work. 


⚡⚡⚡PLUS, real tangible actions you are taking to help mama earth, and her continued existence WHILE feeling primed to continue to innovate more world changing energy in the lives of those you serve.


💫 You have a spiritual practice. It may be initiatory or you may have “fallen off the wagon” but you know the value and are ready to commit to do the work with support.

💫 You are working on the next level of your journey/highest self in your work and life dreams, i.e -  starting a family, finding a soul partner, planting new roots/home, living your dream career, balancing your needs and earth's needs in sacred reciprocity.

💫 You know yourself so well, that you know you are in a temporary plateau, currently in a contraction state on the way to your next expansive phase.

💫 You are feeling stuck in the void, nausea, brain fog, questioning your current boundaries, (tempting re-engagement with victim thinking/mentality and you know that you hella don’t want to go there again!)

💫 A leader at work, home and at heart, meaning that life is always "full". Desiring to bring more clarity, ease and pleasure to your life!

💫 Entrepreneur, healer, creative, world changer? If so, you have landed home.


  • I am a fourth generation Intuitive Healer/Channel/Medium connected to the languages of the earth and cosmos through tarot and energy work.

  • 20 years of mindfulness and meditation practice, experience with MBSR, vipassana and zen traditions.

  • 10 years Ordained Minister - guiding women through all rites of passage of life - Center for Sacred Studies- Jyoti Ma, Darlene Hunter

  • Mother Earth & feminine spirit teachings & mentorship  - Ann Rosencranz, Doña Julieta Casimiro and the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

  • Compassionate Communicator, Restorative Practices - Glenda Mattinson

  • Women’s Circle & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator - Liz Diaz

  • Pachakuti Mesa Tradition - Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

  • Medical Intuition - Tina Zion


  • 3 x 90-Minute 1:1 Mentorship Sessions Per Month. Bespoke to your needs, desires and unique blueprint. One week a month is dedicated to nurture yin energy, including rest & integration.

  • Unlimited Voxer Support M-F​

  • PLUS: Your own private portal with supportive teachings, embodiment practices and guided meditations /visualizations to utilize in between sessions for deeper embodiment of the work we'll do together.

  • ​BONUS OFFERING: IF YOU ENROLL IN THE 6 MONTH mentorship you’ll also receive 2 extra special bonus offerings to complement learning and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

  • BONUS 1: One 90 min. Functional Medicine coaching session with Mireille Wagner. Balance the deep mindset work with your physical body so you truly feel like a new person, inside and out! Mireille's experience helping clients to heal chronic, gut, skin issues expands to all areas specific to women's health needs.

  • BONUS 2: Unlock a Mystery Offer for YOU.  One final 90min private session facilitated by either Mónica or someone from her expert community in energetic, mindset work who will have their own angle and gifts to share.    IT WILL BE LIKE DRAWING ONE FINAL CARD.

  • VIP OPTION (contact for pricing)- 2 additional one hour sessions (can be used anytime over the duration of the program) with in-depth personalized, oracle/astrology readings for you - specific to whatever goals you are working on.



Pay In Full 


3 month - $3,200

6 month - $6,400


Monthly Investment Plans available.

My work aims to be accessible and inclusive to all folks - equity deserving world community members, (BIPOC,LGBTQ2+,PWD). Book a call to discuss options. 


Are you feeling tingles, perhaps even goosebumps as you read?  Feelings of excitement coupled with a little edge? If so, I would love to hear from you and I hope you reach out! DM me on IG @monicarosas23 or book a free 20 minute intro session with me. 

Together we will see what's alive for you, begin to move through some blocks you may be facing and see if NOVA is the most supportive next step for you.



JUDY LIPP - Founder & Program Manager of Flying Squirrel Adventures.

I am so blessed to have Mónica Rosas in my life as a spiritual mentor.  She is a precious gift I received on arriving in Toronto, encouraging my spiritual explorations and expansions while honouring any questions and doubts I had along the way. Inviting me to explore and expand – always with an open heart to share.  She has honoured and held me when that was needed, shared deep from her own experiences and introduced me to ways of tapping in that were foreign to me. As a Minister she has so much to offer and I am excited for everyone that has the opportunity to work and walk with her. 

SUNNY HUMBER - Registered Midwife

I've had the pleasure of experiencing individual and group readings/coaching with Monica, each a unique and magical experience. During a more recent group coaching session, Monica skillfully touched upon themes that resonated deeply with each of us. Her insights offered practical advice on cultivating and maintaining balance and fostering harmonious relationships and boundaries in our lives. Monica's wisdom extended to navigating difficult times and transitions. Her words brought solace and empowered us to find strength and faith within ourselves, reminding us that transformation and growth are possible, even in the midst of uncertainty. 
She reminded us to embrace moments of joy and to prioritize self-care and self-expression. Overall, Monica's work has left a profound impact on me. Her skillful interpretation of the tarot cards, coupled with her ability to create a safe and inviting space, made my experience truly transformative. I am so grateful to Monica for her incredible gift.

CARLIE HOWELL - Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, and Media Artist. 

Mónica and I met in 2008, and since then, it has been a huge gift to have her guidance, readings, and spiritual leadership in my life.  Her tarot card readings are always deeply personal and prophetic, and have helped me to gain clarity, perspective and insight.  Her ceremonies bring me a deep sense of community and sisterhood.  Her ongoing guidance has helped me to create rituals and build my own spiritual practice rooted in ancient understanding and grounded in feminine wisdom.
Lead and live your wildest woman dreams.

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