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Okay, so do you remember playing Monopoly as a kid and getting that "Get out of Jail Card" was like the best thing that could happen to you in the game, if you were stuck in jail for what seemed like an interminable limbo, while everyone else was buying up Park Places & Marvin Gardens around you.


This is what the WILD CARD experience is like. 


It's that  burning question that you have, that one you wished you knew the answer to .. the one that, “if someone could just tell me… “ 


That one.

You know, the big ones usually around love, a career change, a possible move, new business ideas.



You are ready for an answer. 

(Perhaps even hesitantly, but as ready as you’ll ever be because you are BEYOND the waffling inner dialogue).


Believe it or not but we can explore quite a bit in 15 min, full with card pulls and channeled messages that come through. So that you just don’t get a yes or no answer but further insight and next steps in order to send you off ready to make some big moves! 


THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You are one of those open, unapologetically go for what I want types, seasoned risk takers, as well as those who are looking to work on and flex all those wild women muscles noted above.


Only 13 Wild Cards available in the Holiday Pop-Up Shop.


15 min.




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